Bobby Kasthuri

Neuroscience Researcher, Argonne National Laboratory
Assistant Professor in Neurobiology (Part-Time)
The University of Chicago

Dr. Kasthuri is a Neuroscience Researcher at Argonne National Labs and an Assistant Professor (Part-Time) in the Dept. of Neurobiology, University of Chicago.  He has an MD from Washington University School of Medicine and a D.Phil. from Oxford University where he studied as a Rhodes scholar.  The Kasthuri lab is pioneering new techniques for large volume reconstructions of the fine structure of the nervous system – ‘connectomics’. These developments include: large volume automated electron microscopy for mapping neuronal connections, synchrotron source X-ray microscopy to map the cellular composition of entire brains; improving sample preparation in order to increase the efficiency of automated algorithmic tracing of these datasets; and combining electron microscopy with current techniques for interrogating the proteome and the genome.  These tools will be applied in the service of answering the question: how do brains change as they grow up?  In particular, the lab is interested in how changes in the micro biome affect the structure and the function of developing neurons in the periphery (e.g. in the enteric nervous system) and in the brain.