Christopher Henry

Computational Biologist
Argonne National Laboratory

Christopher Henry is a Computational Biologist working in the Mathematics and Computer Science division at Argonne National Lab. He has joint appointments at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. Dr. Henry contributes work to three scientific areas: (i) high-throughput reconstruction, optimization, and analysis of genome-scale metabolic models; (ii) biochemical thermodynamics and cheminformatics; and (iii) plant annotation and modeling. In his work on high-throughput metabolic modeling, Dr. Henry developed a platform called the ModelSEED ( for automated reconstruction of genome-scale metabolic models, which has been applied by over 6000 users world-wide to construct over 75,000 metabolic models. Dr. Henry is now integrating metabolic modeling and genomics tools into the DOE Systems Biology Knowledgebase. In his work on biochemical thermodynamics and cheminformatics, Dr. Henry conducted genome-scale thermodynamic analyses of E. coli; developed a new method for estimating thermodynamic properties of compounds and reactions; and applied tools in automated reaction network generation (BNICE, RDkit) to construct a database of potential novel reactions and compounds called the MINE ( Finally, in his work on plant annotation and modeling, he developed a platform called the PlantSEED for annotation, comparative genomics, and model reconstruction of plant genomes (

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