Corrie Moreau

Associate Curator, Field Museum of Natural History
Faculty Member and Lecturer, Committee on Evolutionary Biology
The University of Chicago

Dr. Corrie S. Moreau earned her Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University and was a Miller Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley.  Before this she completed her undergraduate and Master's degrees in Biology at San Francisco State University.  Currently Dr. Moreau is a tenured Associate Curator/Professor at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.  She is also a Faculty Member and Lecturer at the University of Chicago in the Committee on Evolutionary Biology.  

Dr. Moreau's research on the evolution and diversification of ants and their gut-associated bacteria leverages molecular and genomic tools to address the origin of species and how co-evolved systems benefit both partners.  In addition, she pursues questions on the role of biogeography and symbiosis in shaping macroevolutionary processes to better understand broad-scale evolutionary patterns of life.

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