Jennifer Pisano

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Section of Infectious Diseases and Global Health
University of Chicago

Jennifer Pisano, MD is an Infectious Diseases physician and Medical Director of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program at the University of Chicago Medicine. Dr. Pisano leads a team whose primary objective is to improve clinical outcomes and curb antimicrobial resistance through the safe and judicious use of antimicrobials in our hospital and community.   A large part of optimizing antimicrobial use in the hospital is ensuring that the right patients, get the right antibiotics, at the right time, for the shortest duration possible to minimize overall antibiotic exposure and its unintended consequences including toxicity, antibiotic resistance, Clostridium difficile infection and the disruption the bacteria that make up the microbiome.  It is this disruption that leads to the colonization and spread of resistant bacteria in our hospitals and community.  Dr. Pisano is interested in the effects of antibiotics on the microbiome and developing strategies to minimize disruption and rebuild the microbiome after antibiotic exposure.