Julian Solway

Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor for Medicine and Pediatrics
Director, Institute for Translational Medicine
Associate Dean for Translational Medicine, Biological Sciences Division
Vice Chair for Research, Department of Medicine
Chair, Committee on Molecular Medicine
University of Chicago

Julian Solway, MD is Dean for Translational Medicine and founding Director of the Institute for Translational Medicine, home of the University’s NIH/NCATS CTSA award.  Dr. Solway’s research program addresses asthma. He has extensive experience studying airway smooth muscle (ASM) function and dysfunction in asthma, having studied smooth muscle specific gene transcription, protein accumulation, and hypertrophy, and signaling mechanisms that regulate these; ASM contraction and its reversal, and the mechanisms that regulate these; and ASM mediated-airway narrowing, airway constrictor responsiveness, and lung function in both animal models and humans. Additional studies address asthma genetics and therapeutics, in mechanistic and therapeutic clinical studies and preclinical development of novel asthma treatments.  Dr. Solway is also a passionate educator; he directed the University of Chicago's NHLBI-sponsored T32 Research Training Program in Respiratory Biology for 20 years, and currently co-leads an NHLBI Multidisciplinary K12 Training Program in Lung Omics and an NIH Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) award.