Matthew Brady

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
Section of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Chair, Committee on Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition
University of Chicago

The Brady lab is primarily focused on two collaborative transdisciplinary projects involving adipocytes:

1) We study the impact of central circadian alignment in obese subjects scheduled to undergo bariatric surgery.  Half of the randomized participants will be enrolled in a week of fixed lights on/off and meal schedules immediately prior to surgery to determine if this intervention alters peripheral circadian gene expression and insulin sensitivity in adipose biopsies, and/or improves longer term metabolic outcomes following surgery.

2) In collaboration with Drs. Suzanne Conzen and Martha McClintock, we found that chronic social isolation (housing one female mouse per cage) specifically altered lipid metabolism in mammary adipose tissue, the profile of secreted factors into the microenvironment and tumor progression.  We are extending these studies through use of dietary interventions (e.g. high fat or high fructose feeding) to examine their impact on mammary adipose tissue function and cancer cell proliferation.