Microbiome Medicine Program (MMP)

Microbiome research is active in all areas of medicine. Currently 47 faculty members across 10 sections in the Department of Medicine (DOM) have active microbiome research and these numbers are growing rapidly.

About the Microbiome Medicine Program (MMP)

  • MMP provides a front door to UChicago faculty studying the microbiome in the context of human health – particularly in all sections of the Department of Medicine;
  • The MMP is co-directed by Dr. Gene Chang and Dr. Marisa Alegre, along with a faculty steering group, and supported by the DOM;
  • The MMP is part of The Microbiome Center at UChicago, Argonne, and the Marine Biological Laboratory that brings together faculty working to understand the identity and function of microbes across ecosystems;
  • The MMP leverages robust relationships to accelerate research – Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Gnotobiotic Research Animal Facility, clinical cohorts, DDRCC, Argonne, MBL, Institute for Translational Medicine, Center for Research Informatics, etc.

What the Microbiome Medicine Program (MMP) Offers

  • Monthly Group Meetings: The MMP will host monthly lunch meetings to discuss research in progress, tools, protocols, and opportunities;
  • Expert Consultation: The MMP facilitates shared information from experts about clinical study design, advanced technology, new techniques, standard operating procedures, and relevant collaborations across fields of study;
  • Technology and Capabilities: The MMP and Microbiome Center are connecting researchers to up-to-date information on available technology, points of contact, basic introductions to methods, and avenues for venture creation and translational applications;
  • Education: The MMP and The Microbiome Center are developing courses and bootcamps to provide multiple points of entry for important skills.
  • Shared Community: Stay tuned for updates on facilities, programs, and grant opportunities.

Microbiome Medicine Program (MMP) Organizational Structure

  • Faculty Director: Eugene B. Chang, MD
  • Faculty Co-Director: Marisa Alegre, MD, PhD
  • Director of Education and Outreach: Vanessa Leone, PhD
To view members of the Medicine Microbiome Program click here
The Microbiome Medicine Program and this webpage are newly launched and will be updated with more information shortly.