The Microbiome Center is hiring!

Our administrator Ruth Fahey is departing for the PennChop Microbiome Center in Philadelphia and the Microbiome Center is hiring!

About us: The Microbiome Center supports the scientists who are investigating fundamental questions and developing new applications and tools to understand and harness the capabilities of microbial systems across fields. The Center supports a dynamic research community, enables rapid translation of research to clinical and private sectors, and trains a new generation of multidisciplinary scientists. The Center is focused on microbial systems biology, with the aim of providing multi-contextual insight into microbial function and its impact on ecosystem operation. The Microbiome Center collaborates across UChicago, Argonne, and the MBL.

About the job: support the co-directors of the Center and coordinate collaborative research and other activities across the university, Marine Biological Laboratory, and Argonne National Lab. Serve as a point of contact for those interested in microbiome research including faculty, students, outside researchers, funders, media contacts, industry representatives, and other partners. Showcase information designed to keep the public informed of the organization's programs, accomplishments, or point of view. Content creation including written communications; monthly newsletter, social media; visual/graphic media; and personal contact.

If you enjoy microbial science communication, this job is for you!


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