Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics Facility

W. M. Keck Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics Facility

Technical contact:
Hilary Morrison

Next-Generation Sequencing Projects

The BPC has retired the Roche GS-FLX ‘454’ and Ion Torrent PGM sequencers as of 2013.  We have transitioned to Illumina platforms for amplicon tag sequencing and other applications.  Our instrumentation and expertise can be used for collaborative projects and arrangement should be made with the interim Director, David Mark Welch, or with Senior Scientist Mitch Sogin.  Please do not contact us about ‘fee for service’ work.

Template Preparation and Sanger Sequencing

Scheduling is at the discretion of JBPC sequencing personnel and will depend on demand. With this in mind, please help us keep things running smoothly by familiarizing yourself with the protocols outlined in this site. Please do not make sequencing plans until you have contacted JBPC sequencing team at:

Template and Capillary Sequencing Costs
Please contact Hilary Morrison for information about costs and methods of payment.

All sequencing is done in 96- or 384-well plate format. You may run a partially empty plate, but both the BiomekFX and the 3730XL consume the same reagents regardless of whether the plate is full or not. Therefore there is no discount for a partial plate. Unfortunately combining different types of samples on the 3730XL can be problematic. Be aware that all 96 samples pass through the field of the laser and detector at the same time, and varying signal intensities can lead to problems.