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Bacterial metabolism center stage in the Light Lab

New Department of Microbiology faculty Dr. Sam Light brings a biochemical approach to our understanding of the gut bacteria milieu.

While a postdoc at UC Berkeley, Dr. Light's work illuminated the role of flavin-type extracellular electron transfer in driving energy metabolism in Gram-positive bacteria. His earlier research has looked at the structure and function of enzymes and their metabolites in Gram-positive bacterial species. In particular he has shown the impact of such activity in Listeria monocytogenes pathogenesis.

Dr. Light is also a member of the DFI at UChicago, whose mission is to enhance human wellness through a deeper understanding of the microbiome. His research will focus on what aspects of bacterial metabolism drive the assembly of a healthy gut flora versus infection of the host and the development of genetic tools to better help us understand these processes.

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