Electron Microscopy Center

Center for Nanoscale Materials
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue
Building 440
Argonne, IL 60439 USA

Technical contact:
Dean Miller

The Electron Microscopy Center Group (EMC) develops and maintains unique capabilities for electron beam characterization and applies those capabilities to solve materials challenges. EMC emphasizes three major areas: materials research, experimental technique and instrumentation development, and operation of unique and state-of-the-art instrumentation. 

The goals of EMC materials research are closely aligned with those of our user community. To achieve those aims, EMC offers unique capabilities and expertise in imaging and spectroscopy, with particular emphasis on complex oxides and energy-related materials. Research to develop new capabilities focuses on enhancing detection efficiency for electron beam spectroscopies and developing in situ and operando microscopy. One of EMC's signature capabilities is a chromatic-aberration corrected transmission electron microscope, one of only three such instruments currently operating worldwide. State-of-the-art support facilities also are available including standard specimen preparation facilities and an image analysis laboratory.

ACAT:  Argonne Chromatic Aberration-corrected TEM

This FEI Titan 80-300 ST has a CEOS Cc/Cs corrector on the imaging side of the column to correct both spherical and chromatic aberrations. The Cc/Cs corrector also provides greatly-improved resolution and signal for energy filtered imaging and EELS.


This premier analytical transmission electron microscope (AEM) has specialized accessories including an energy-dispersive x-ray spectrometer and a post-column electron filter for both electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy-filtered imaging (EFI). The STEM capability enables HAADF imaging and XEDS/EELS spectrum imaging, among others. Specimen cooling and tomography holders are available.

Zeiss 1540XB FIB-SEM

This platform accommodates site-specific TEM sample preparation, 3D data acquisition, nanofabrication and manipulation, and other advanced uses.Simultaneous electron and ion scanning offers unique imaging and fabrication opportunities.

Core Instruments

  • FEI/Phillips CM30T — analytical transmission electron microscope (AEM)
  • Hitachi S-4700-II — high-resolution, high-vacuum SEM
  • FEI Quanta 400F — high-resolution environmental and variable-pressure SEM

Support Facilities

  • Specimen preparation is an important part of electron microscopy and an array of standard specimen preparation capabilities are available. While users are expected to carry out their own specimen preparation, expertise and guidance may be provided by CNM staff.