Discovering the role of microbiomes across environments

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Who we are

UChicago, the Marine Biological Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory - Collaborating to explore the power of microbes across environments.


Bacterial isolates from Arabidopsis
Bacterial isolates from Arabidopsis. (Keven Dooley)

Awards and funding opportunities

  • The 2019 Pilot Funds have been awarded and are here
Pristina leidyi gut microbiota
Pristina leidyi gut microbiota. Beta-proteobacteria are stained with cyan in the digestive tract of the animal (between dotted lines). (Jessica Mark Welch and B. Duygu Özpolat, MBL)

Expertise across environments in microbiome research

Microbial Diversity Class of 2019 (Courtesy of MBL)

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Training the next generation of interdisciplinary scientists

  • MBL courses offer college students a perspective on microbiome research
  • U of C graduate students have a journal club discussing newly-published papers in microbiome science. Email to join the list
  • Our early career symposium last April brought together local expertise
  • Check back here for a 2020 faculty workshop