The Microbiome Center

Three national and international research leaders—the University of Chicago,  the Marine Biological Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory—are undertaking coordinated interdisciplinary research to increase our understanding of the microbiome. 

The Microbiome Center brings together an unprecedented group of researchers and scientists who are leading diverse fields of study. By galvanizing this expertise, the Microbiome Center will tackle complex questions, help scientists quickly translate their findings to private and clinical sectors, and train the next generation of microbiome scientists. 

More collaborative research across disciplines

Today, microbiome studies touch every facet of our modern scientific program—from medicine, surgery, and epidemiology, to agriculture, biotechnology, computer science, and ecosystem science. Microbiome research is having an effect wherever we find bacteria, archaea, viruses, and single-celled eukaryotes—which is everywhere. 

A better understanding of microbial communities could have sweeping impact. Already our research has revealed the significance of bacteria in the environment, oceans, our homes, and our bodies. The Microbiome Center is positioned to produce research that will improve both human life and the health of the earth. 

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