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Announcing the funded proposals of Pilot Projects, 2.0!

The Microbiome Center’s Pilot Projects 2.0 sought proposals linking the study of microbes with any aspect of global change. We seek to fund exploratory projects difficult to fund elsewhere, particularly those that help investigators prepare preliminary datasets for future grant applications. This year’s winners will foster several microbial research collaborations between Argonne, MBL and UChicago.


Funded Proposals:

“Desiccation Tolerance in Green Algae from Desert Microbiotic Crust Microbiomes” - Zoe Cardon (MBL), Elena Peredo (MBL) and Jotham Austin II (UChicago)

“Microbial Community Nitrogen Metabolism in Rapidly-Changing Arctic Soil” - Jacob Waldbauer, Emil Ruff (MBL) and Anne Giblin (MBL)

“Identification of Microbial Associates in Marine Invertebrate Species” - Heather Marlow (UChicago)

“Bile Acids as Ecological and Evolutionary Determinants of Microbial Assemblage, Stability,and Resilience of Regional Intestinal Microbiomes” - Eugene Chang (UChicago), Dion Antonopoulos (Argonne), Mitch Sogin (MBL)

“An Integrative ‘Omics Approach to Elucidate Biochemical States in Microbiomes” - Mark Mimee, Tao Pan & Murat Eren (UChicago)

“Nematostella vectensis: a sea anemone model for investigating the effects of environmental pollutants on Cnidarians and their associated microbiome” - Emil Ruff (MBL), Karen Echeverri (MBL) & Murat Eren (UChicago)

“Changing environments and the microbial ecosystem of migratory birds across the annual cycle” - Shannon Hackett (UChicago)