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Accelerator Awardees

Congrats to our funded projects and all who applied!

The Microbiome Center’s Accelerator Awards sought proposals highlighting host-microbe relationships. This year’s winners will foster several microbial research collaborations between Argonne, MBL and UChicago.


Funded Proposals:

“The role of gut microbiota in modulating seasonal immunological variation in bat-reservoirs for emerging viral zoonoses” - Cara Brook (UChicago) and Laurie Comstock (UChicago)

“Elucidating the role of Bifidobacterium throughout the intestinal tract” - Eugene Chang (UChicago) and JJ Colgan (UChicago)

“Host-microbe interactions in a foundational marine primary producer”- Cathy Pfister (UChicago) and Sam Light (UChicago)

“Characterizing the diversity, activity, and habitat of microbes in tropical coral skeletons” - Emil Ruff (MBL) and Jake Waldbauer (UChicago)

“The Microbiome as a Sentinel for Marine Animal Health”- Mitch Sogin (MBL) and Karen Echerverri (MBL)